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Customer Billing Information 

2024 Quarterly Rates

The flat rate for a residence is $34.00 per month and $102.00 per quarter. Those customers in Tri-Area that currently pay a drainage debt fee of $11.25 will owe $113.25 per quarter. Commercial Rates are determined individually. Please see the chart below for the quarterly billing cycle. Residential accounts that are 45 days past due will be charged a late fee. Past due non-residential/commercial accounts will be charged a late fee.

Quarterly Billing Cycle:

January 1 - March 31January 1$96.00 On receipt of invoice
April 1 - June 30April 1$102.00On receipt of invoice
July 1 - September 30July 1$102.00On receipt of invoice
October 1 - December 31October 1$102.00On receipt of invoice

St. Vrain Sanitation District bills quarterly.  We provide your sanitary sewer service. (not your trash service).
Questions about your sewer bill?  We are here to help. Call us at (303) 682-4693. 

Payment Method:

St. Vrain Sanitation District accepts the following methods of payment:

  1. Credit/debit card and electronic checks online (click on the "Pay My Bill" tab).
  2. Mail your payment to the address below.
  3. We have a drop box located just outside our door.
  4. As always, you can make your payment at our office.  The staff is here to help.
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