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The Collections Department umbrella covers the construction of new infrastructure with developers, mainline extensions, plan review, inspection, maintenance, and repair of pipes, manholes, and securing easements for the conveyance of wastewater to the treatment facility.

Other responsibilities include working with developers, home builders, and non-residential builders to ensure District policy and standard SVSD agreements are adhered to. The staff also ensures accurate geographical information (GIS) is available using Arc Map. St. Vrain Sanitation District is represented by the Collection staff at municipal, governmental, and community meetings.  Our staff consists of professional people with a variety of backgrounds, educations, certifications, and life experiences. 

The Pretreatment Department works with both the Treatment Facility and the Collections Department.  This program helps ensure worker and treatment facility safety, non-residential discharge compliance, performs wastewater sampling and evaluates non-residential pretreatment technology installation.  Other duties include permit writing, collection system flow monitoring, participation in EPA, State, and CIPCA meetings and communications.

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