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Dan March

Position: President
Email Address:

Worked 30 years for Wastewater Management, City & County of Denver in Public Works as a Flow metering and Sampling Supervisor & Code Enforcement Supervisor working daily with Denver's residents, the Mayor and City Council, other city agencies, the police, EPA & Colorado Water Quality Control. I sat on various committees formed by the Mayor, City Council, and Manager of Public Works. While at Wastewater I coordinated efforts and set up metering programs for 53 connector districts that flowed into Denver's Sanitary Sewer system. I supervised the Inflow/Infiltration program for Denver for the purpose of eliminating groundwater into their sanitary sewer.

 When there is growth, as we are experiencing here in the St. Vrain Sanitation District, it can bring problems that did not exist prior to the growth. I would like to help the District address the issues that come with growth and do my part to ensure St. Vrain Sanitation District continues to serve it's residents efficiently & reliably. 

My wife Wanda & I love this state and the Carbon Valley Area. With the continued growth in the Carbon Valley area my wife Wanda & I have seen, I feel I would like the opportunity to use the experience that I have to address issues that may exist in the Saint Vrain Sanitation District.

 Thank you all.

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