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Move In/ Move Out - Title Transfer

 Move In/ Move Out

If you are buying or selling a home in the St. Vrain Sanitation District, please make sure your title company completes a Title Company Transfer Form PRIOR to closing. This form allows your title company to provide SVSD with the buyer’s information, the seller’s forwarding address, and the closing date.  SVSD will return this form to the title company with the seller’s account balance through the end of the quarter, and therefore advising the title company the amount that will need to be collected or refunded at closing from both parties. 

After closing, the title company will send SVSD the warranty deed, or you can submit it as well.  Once this is received, we will either close or open your account.  If you are the buyer, once the property is transferred to your name, you will receive a welcome letter advising you of SVSD’s services and a billing calendar.  Note:  If you have previously owned property in the district, you may not receive a welcome packet.  This process is the title company’s responsibility, and you, as the buyer or seller, should not need to do anything.

***If you are renting a property in our district, please be advised that we do not put sewer services in tenant’s names.  The services will remain in the homeowner’s name.   Invoices are only mailed to the homeowner or property management company at their mailing address.

Email Completed Transfer Request Form

Property Transfer Form


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