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District documents for Industrial Pretreatment Program.

These documents are available for reference:


Letter to EPA stating the Disitricts intent on having an Approved Pretreatment Program. 

SVSD Cover Letter.pdf


Rules and Regulations that give the District the authority to implement the Pretreatment Program and control non-residential users to meet 40 CFR 403 requirements. 

20240105 Resolution Rule, Regs and Rate Amendments.pdf


Local discharge limitations set using technically based calculations. 

2018 SVSD LL Spreadsheet (pdf).pdf


Legally binding agreement between the District and the Industrial User on discharge, reporting, and compliance requirements.

Permit Template 2023.pdf


Guidance document outlining and defining response actions for District staff managing violations.

SVSD Enforement Response Plan.pdf


List of all non-residential users.

Non-Residentail Customers wPermitted.pdf


Budget and allocation of resources within the District.

Pretreatment Staffing Plan.pdf
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